Intelligent solutions for effective energy management.

Evaluation of results of the project GA-USA-2011-174291: “Development of information system and specific software modules from the web portal”, financed by the EBRD in the BAS program, R&D Center Alfatec, Nis, May 2012.

Meeting of representatives of FTN Novi Sad,FZNR Nis, EF Nis and IRCA Nis, the conduction current and applying for future projects, R&D Center Alfatec, Nis, November 2011.

Agents and Multiagent systems and their development environments, training held in R&D Center Alfatec, Nis, October 2011.

Visit of Project Director of a Canadian corporation CIMA International, Nis, October 2011.

Participation of representatives of the R&D Center Alfatec on 15th WSEAS Conference, Corfu, Greece, July 2011.

Presentation a Standards of Social Security, November 2010.

“Preparation of project proposal by the EU standard PCM-LFA”, a training workshop held by “RM development consulting Kragujevac” in R&D Center Alfatec Niš, October-November 2010.

Presentation of the Electric Distribution Loznica: The use of measuring and control information systems and monitoring points to reduce losses in the electricity network, July 2010.

His doctorate Mr. Proda Šećerov, Faculty of Security, Belgrade, June 2010.

Representatives of Belarusian State University, June 2010.

Visit of delegation from the Russian Federation, R&D Center Alfatec, May 2010.

Award Ceremony of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Dr. Proda Šećerov, R&D Center Alfatec Nis, May 2010.

Presentation of the possibility of establishing mutual scientific and business-technical cooperation between scientific research organizations of the Russian Federation and Serbia, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Nis, May 2010.

Receiving the delegation of the Russian Federation at the University of Nis and a meeting with the Rector and representatives of the City of Nis, May 2010.

Receiving the delegation of the Russian Federation in the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Nis, May 2010.

Participation IRC Alfatec the Russian-Balkan Forum “Innovation in education, science and technology”, May 2010.


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