Intelligent solutions for effective energy management.


ICM is flexy platform. With integration into the existing system provides a variety of communication channels (eg RS232, radio modem, wireless, 3G, GSM / GPRS, Ethernet, fiber …) as well as the communication flow that can be implemented by the user.

The PCM connector for RS485 communication, there are connections that can provide that can be powered with a 12V one network analyzer panel and two temperature sensors. The PCM digital input connector’s connectors are provided for that can be powered with 12V smoke sensor and a motion sensor.

IKM offers the possibility of video surveillance inside the object using a web camera that connects to the USB port of a PCM. In case of power failure camera can record until the PCM is powered from the reserve supply.

ICM can play an important role in preventive detection of an overload of power equipment (power transformers, powertransformers, metering, etc..) And the planned replacement before the onset of exercise to failure conditions. For the reasonsdescribed above can be concluded that ICM can significantlycontribute to increased energy efficiency and business companiesto distribute electricity.

The realization of this device is its own project of the Research and Development Center ALFATEC Ltd.

Postavljeno October 29, 2011

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