Intelligent solutions for effective energy management.


Management of Research and Development Center “ALFATEC” Ltd. is committed to continuously improving the performance of Integrated Quality Management System and Environment.

Quality policy and environmental protection based on the following principles:

  • Rating the quality of services provided by the user is a fundamental measure of our work, and satisfaction of our customers is the highest goal.
  • Building a good partnership with suppliers, to ensure continuity and high quality of our work.
  • The establishment of good internal and external communications as the basis for the transfer of knowledge and information and promoting awareness of employees about the need of quality management and the environment.
  • Continuous research and development efforts on creating new technical and technological solutions to enhance the quality of products and services.
  • Providing support to the community to encourage our research and development activities.
  • Respect for individual values of employees and systematic investment in staff development to achieve greater satisfaction and solidarity with the Organization.
  • Increasing the overall safety and health of employees in the workplace and working environment.
  • Undertake the prescribed measures to reduce the risk of injuries and occupational diseases of employees who are present in the workplace.
  • Ensuring good living standards of employees.
  • Preservation of existing capital and create additional value founders.
  • The use of raw materials, energy and natural resources in a rational and safe manner.
  • Accepting the principle of this policy by our business partners and suppliers of goods and services.
  • Compliance with legal and technical regulations and standards for work and active cooperation with the community to preserve the life and work environment and constantly raising the environmental awareness of employees, business partners and citizens.
  • Participation in projects and activities of business partners and the community aimed at preserving the environmental and working in the field of Business Process Organization.
  • Informing the public about the impacts on the environment arising from operating activities of the Organization.
  • This policy is publicly available and commitment of the organization’s staff is to implement.


As part of its core business, IRCA performs applied research and development, creates innovation, and is launching new knowledge and technologies in their own production and services, as well as production and services of other undertakings.

Other activities that IRCA may perform are defined by statute as follows:

  •  production of various metering and information systems, measuring and control and other electronic systems;
  • monitoring the parameters of energy networks and industrial plants;
  • activities of safety and health at work (ASHW);
  • monitoring and control parameters of working and living environment.

In carrying out its activities IRCA wants to achieve the basic objectives and specific goals:

  • development of innovative products, technologies, processes and services created using their own or others’ results of scientific research, which will have competitive properties on the market;
  • significant changes to existing products, technologies and processes to acquire, preserve and improve their competitive performance;
  • use and transfer of modern technology;
  • expanding network of customers by developing new, attractive markets;
  • increase the range by introducing new competitive features of existing products;
  • assistance in converting original ideas into innovative products;
  • establishment of such cooperation more closely with companies from abroad and the commercialization of research results to international markets through the use of their sales channels;
  • assistance to interested parties, the results of projects to start production and work on starting our own production;
  • cooperation in the preparation of courses, seminars, roundtables and other forms of continuous education that enhance innovation capacity and potential holders of innovative activities,
  • connection with other scientific-research and companies interested in improving this area;
  • support the development of innovative activities and the development of small and medium enterprises in Serbia;
  • implementation of existing projects and finding new ideas for preserving and improving the energy efficiency of our country;
  • retrieval and application of new, renewable sources of energy;
  • clustering of organizations and institutions interested in increasing energy efficiency;
  • the greater involvement of young researchers in research and development projects;
  • working atmosphere in which the job is fun and challenge, freedom and responsibility.

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