Intelligent solutions for effective energy management.

Installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels in the distribution network brings many benefits. Distributed generation to reduce energy losses in distribution networks, the owner of the panel, as the privileged manufacturer, enjoys the subsidized price of energy; increasing social awareness of the need for rational use of resources, but also fulfills a significant financial benefit.Although the use of electricity from solar resources anywhere in the world, even in the environment, very important, in our country such production is virtually non-existent.

Subsidized prices for electricity produced from these sources will certainly contribute to the increased use of solar energy, even in households, but in the present circumstances there is no excuse for such poor use of the largest energy resource on the planet.

The global distribution companies, the use of solar energy shows an exponential growth over the past twenty years. In the United States, with installed power from solar sources will reach 3000 MW in 2010. year, while in Germany, with annual growth of 40% strength, but reached installed capacity of 3.8 GW. Price of solar modules today already meet the cost of 1400 € / kW, while the price of the complete PV roofing systems today already 2800 € / kW, while by 2020 it is expected that this price is the half.

Solar panels in the distribution network bring multiple benefits:

  • Reduce the losses in distribution networks due to distributed sources located closer to consumers
  • Privileged producers of energy from renewable sources have the right to sell power at subsidized prices
  • It is possible to ensure the autonomy of these sources, in case of certain customer supply security
  • Production of energy from renewable sources to reduce emissions from fossil fuels

On the other hand, modern design inverters provide the full integration of solar generators in the distribution network, and do not represent any problem in terms of impact on the quality of AC power (primarily harmonic content and the creation of flicker).

In developed countries, solar power plants are mostly owned by the consumer. However, the distribution companies themselves are increasingly becoming owners of these plants because of full control over the production, operation and maintenance of these facilities, and a faster return on capital.

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