Intelligent solutions for effective energy management.

Intelligent energy management systems are the main product and service programme of R&D Center “Alfatec” Niš. Intelligent and effective energy management from its generation in production capacities, through transmission and distribution systems, to end-users, in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce the business costs of all factors, is a prerequisite for the sustainable development of every society.


INTELLEMS product lines can be applied to all electric power systems for power generation and distribution, as well as to utility systems such as water supply and heating plants, energy-intensive industrial enterprises (construction, baking, woodworking, etc.) or residential buildings (through the INTELLEMS programme of intelligent buildings). In terms of system architecture, INTELLEMS is a universal multicommunication and multifunctional platform that allows interoperability with equipment from different manufacturers, as well as interoperability and data exchange between different users that are using this platform (water supply, power distribution, municipal administrations, etc.).

INTELLEMS platform represents the necessary infrastructure for the development of advanced power grids – Smartgrid. These networks represent a shift from a traditional concept to a self-healing, self-defining network with a high share of renewable energy sources based on digital technologies. The multi-year development of this platform in R&D Center “Alfatec” is dictated by the real needs and demands of different users who have increased energy and business efficiency requirements. The correct determination and selection of INTELLEMS as a Smartgrid platform is confirmed by papers of our experts at international conferences.

The development of this platform has started with the research project NP EE 413-118A , and later continued through projects NPV-19.B., [3], 222001, 401-00-00144/2008-01-IP Tip 1./119, 401-00-00144/2008-01-IP Tip 1./118, III44006 co-financed by Ministry of Science and through project No.  4785-8 co-financed by Ministry of Economy and regional development.

All rights for further development and commercialization belong to  R&D Center “Alfatec” doo Niš.

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