Intelligent solutions for effective energy management.

Measuring Information Systems (MIS) is a portable measuring devices intended for continuous monitoring and archiving parameters consumption (production) of electricity that is downloaded via a number of energy output.

Depending on the choice of locations where the parameters necessary to monitor power consumption, number of statements that energy to be monitored, developed several variants of MIS: MIS 2, MIS-4S, MIS 8, MIS-1mV.

MIS architecture is based on two main areas: measurement and the informational part. Measurement is consists of the panel network analyzer and appropriate information embedded computers. Previously mentioned elements INTELLEMS system interoperability can be seen already at this level because of the realization of the measurement can be used by network analyzers panaelni different manufacturers (Circutor, Socomec, Schneider, Lovato, et al.).

The main purpose of MIS is to periodically read the measurement information from the panel of network analyzers, to be stored on a memory drive on your computer (hard drive, solid state drive, SD card, MML card, USB flash memory stick, etc.).

In the first variant of MIS and data transfer is done manually via a USB memory stick, thanks to intelligent agents that have been developed for this purpose.

Later, the user requirements were such that they require an upgrade of the system in terms of adding a modem communications, automatic data transfer to the appropriate remote centers. In this regard, so far has been tested in the market most of the available communication modem (dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, Wi-Fi, GSM / GPRS, 3G, digital radio modems and their combinations) and a large number of MIS is associated with remote centers. Depending on the desires, communication is accomplished using a variety of modems, and often are in effect multi-application communication systems that provide redundancy in case of failure of a communication channels.

For this purpose have been developed intelligent agents that an outage of the channel data automatically continues through another without interrupting the transmission that already began.

Establish communication and mass transfer data between MIS and remote centers made it possible to upgrade the product range development intelligent agents, adding a control function, local and remote control, and leveraging individual components into a complete multiagent system.




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