Intelligent solutions for effective energy management.

Information and communication modules (ICM) are also part of a unified platform INTELLEMS. The occurrence of these modules as a separate product groups, resulted in the fact that the development of technology and falling prices of panel networkanalyzer, a large number of users in-plant replaced the old analogdigital measuring instruments. Wherever you have a moderndigital network analyzers panel were equipped withcommunication modules (RS 232, RS-485 Ethernet, etc.). They could be used as measuring devices, and in these facilities had nosense of double weighing installation of MIS.

In this sense, ICM as the product is only information part of the MIS. Data from a panel of network analyzers is stored in ICM in the same format as in the MIS, so that these devices are fully interoperable. Moreover, there are cases when a particular distribution in TS 10 / 0,4 kV or 20 / 0,4 kV reveal certain irregularities in consumption (a malfunction in one of the terminals, the potential theft of electricity, etc.) and when it is closer for localizing sources these phenomena for a period necessary to perform and record consumption of electricity at low voltage and TS extracts. In these situations, ICM and MIS can be connected on that way that ICM takes the role of the master unit, which will synchronize their data with data from the MIS (slaves) and so unified to send them to a remote center.

In addition to the digital communications network analyzers panel, via RS 485 or Ethernet port ICM can communicate with other intelligent electronic devices to collect different data from them (intelligent temperature sensors). ICM are equipped with a number of digital inputs (3) and output (2) to which it is possible to connect various sensors (sensors doors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, etc.) through which it is possible to issue certain commands (turn on the light in object, etc..), and may find its role in systems for the protection of buildings. In addition the possibility to connect USB or IP camera, through which may collect additional information from the environment.

For achieving a certain autonomy in work after lossing a power supply voltage, the ICM system is equipped with backup power, providing power connected devices and sensors in a short period of time.

Configuration that proved to be the optimal composed of information and communication modules that are connected:

  1. Panel network analyzer SOCOMEC DIRIS A40
  2. Intelligent temperature sensors that measure the temperature inside and outside the building
  3. Door sensor
  4. Smoke sensor
  5. The motion sensor
  6. USB Web Camera

This created a system has been applied in the distribution companies for installation in distribution substations 10/0,4 and proved to be a very good solution for monitoring parameters of the energy plant and a surveillance system in real time.

PCM is one of the key results of the project 44006th III.

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