Intelligent solutions for effective energy management.

1. Measuring and information systems for control of consumption of electricity in electric networks 

2. Cenralized management System for 10/0.4kV substation

3. Centralized management system pumping stations in the city municipal systems

4. Command and Control Module 16/10 (CCM-16/10)

5. Inteligent battery charger with mini telemetry module

6.  Autonomus system for reservoir monitoring which are without power supply

7. Software for generation of reports on completed control of measuring points in electric networks

8. Advanced Power Logger (APL)

9. System fir generation of reports of the controls measuring points in companies that distribute electricity

10. Digytal laboratory network analyzer

11. AWM – Software for acquisition, display and archiving data of digital laboratory network analyzer

12. Multi functional and multi communication system for the collecting and processing of data from remote measuring points and generating  typical reports

13. Measurement and control module for the monitoring and management of solar power

14. Measurement and inforation system

15. Industrial plant for interoperable management of electrical drives in the pumping stations with increased reliability

16. Software for analysing the effects of reactive power compensation in power consumption

17. Inteligent measurement and control module for supervision and control consumption of electricity

18. Environment for testing APL/SPM/CM devices in industrial environments – Bakery Branković

19. Laboratory facility for the calibration of measuring devices (APL / SPM) IRC manufacturers’ Alfatec ” Niš

20. Advanced adapting system for reactive power compensation

21. Web portal for decision support in assessing the risk of accidents

22. Web services for e-commerce of SMEs

23. Software for tracking products in production and maintenance

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